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the speaker

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What is your dream?

Book me now for your school, company or club. Inquries to freigeist@pa-hackmair.at

–> 4 reasons you’ll never realise your dreams

–> My new keynote speech: Dreams change
–> My talk at TEDx Pannonia:

A goal is a dream with a deadline.
Napoleon Hill

the coach

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Dream. Do.

Daring to dream is the first step. But you need to take action. Therefore I devolped a workshop, in which you

–> get to know yourself

–> transform your dogmas

–> do your first step towards your dreams

Book me now for a workshop in your school, company or club.

Inquiries to freigeist@pa-hackmair.at.

FREEDOM lost&found

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What readers say

  • In ‘FREEDOM lost and found’ Peter Alexander takes you on his very personal trip, which is the beginning of a complete new life after quitting his football career.

    The book is full of ups and downs, moments of luck and doubt, feelings of freedom and breaking out. PA’s story is very similar to mine as a few years ago I travelled myself free too in order to take a new path in my life.

    The book gives you courage to discover this great world, to expand your horizons and to reinvent yourself again and again.

    Ben Paul, Anti Uni

  • Peter Alexander’s second book ‘FREEDOM lost and found’ is full of very personal stories which make you think a lot about your life and the world you are in. You get absolutely inspired to discover this great world on your own. It’s very impressive how PA developed from a former football pro to an open-minded and very mature global citizen.

    Hermann Gams, DreamAcademia