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FREEDOM lost&found

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What readers say

  • In ‘FREEDOM lost and found’ Peter Alexander takes you on his very personal trip, which is the beginning of a complete new life after quitting his football career.

    The book is full of ups and downs, moments of luck and doubt, feelings of freedom and breaking out. PA’s story is very similar to mine as a few years ago I travelled myself free too in order to take a new path in my life.

    The book gives you courage to discover this great world, to expand your horizons and to reinvent yourself again and again.

    Ben Paul, Anti Uni

  • Peter Alexander’s second book ‘FREEDOM lost and found’ is full of very personal stories which make you think a lot about your life and the world you are in. You get absolutely inspired to discover this great world on your own. It’s very impressive how PA developed from a former football pro to an open-minded and very mature global citizen.

    Hermann Gams, DreamAcademia

The traveller

#India #New Zealand #Australia #Bali #Singapore #Malaysia #Austria #Netherlands #USA #Colombia #New Zealand again #Hong Kong

When an end becomes a beginning.

I always wanted to travel. But in fact it was my wife who awoke in me my great enthusiasm for travelling. Together we had done a couple of shorter trips: Crete, Mauritius, Mexico, Barcelona, Mallorca, Thailand, Berlin, New York, Florida, Malaysia, Madrid, Sardinia, Jesolo and within Austria as well.

But after both of us found out we were no longer happy with our jobs, we decided to break out and let loose. We didn’t want to commit ourselves to another job straight away, we wanted to make the most out of our new freedom: flexibly arrange our days, be spontaneous and live in the moment. We wanted to get to know new countries and cultures, learn new languages, meet new people. And what combines all these things best? A trip around the world.

So we travelled the world for 15 months. A trip full of experiences, adventures, contrasts. A trip that changed me and my life. A trip that made me free.


the speaker

#moderator #football analyst #interviews #talks #book presentations

I like to listen but even more I like to speak.

I’ve always been fascinated by language, in every kind. Even in school I loved to write and to learn foreign languages. At the age of 15 when I attended my first rhetoric seminar I knew I want to develop these skills.

As a professional football I really enjoyed giving interviews. As an author I love to organise readings and talk about my books. As a host on Austrian television I love to comment on and analyse football games. And as a speaker I love to talk about the topics that inspire me the most: football, travelling, courage, dreams, change…

My new keynote speech: Dreams change




Language is half the journey.
Walter Oberlechner

the coach

#teco7 #kids #sharing knowledge and experiences #values
#connecting and changing the world through football and freestyle

My dream changed.

In 2012 I quit professional football. My career was full of ups and downs, great successes and serious setbacks. On our world trip I was able to let go.

After a year of traveling I still felt my passion for football so I decided to come back, but in a different way; I started to coach kids in New Zealand. Back in Austria I continued this by coaching the youth team of the Bundesliga club SV Ried until I moved to Vienna where I got to know the amazing Football Freestyle School teco7. In autumn 2014 I joined the dream team. My job is developing the U11 Football Freestyle Team and sharing our know-how and philosophy with the world. Our big dream is to connect and change the world through football and freestyle.

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